Art and Craft Activities

  • Activity name: Eggshell Mosaic

    A smashing ways to turn eggshells into mosaics! Equipment needed Egg shells Pencil Card PVA glue Paintbrush Coloured food dye Beakers of water Instructions Broken eggshells are perfect for mosaics! Fill some beakers with water and add two capfuls of food dye to each beaker. Wash the eggshells and break them into small pieces. Add […]

  • Activity name: The Big Knit (charity event)

    For residents in Northern Ireland there is an annual charity event which involves knitting small hats for smoothies and some of the money paid for each smoothie with a hat goes to age concern. Equipment needed Lots of wool Size 4 knitting needles Wool needle Scissors Instructions Cast on 28 stitches Do 2 rows plain […]

  • Activity name: Card Making

    This is a simple art and craft activity. Cards can be made for birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions. Equipment needed Card and envelopes Glue Scissors Sponge Ribbon Banana Other craft materials and tools Instructions Hold a craft session. Ask each resident to design and make a card. The cards can be given at Christmas, […]

  • Activity name: The Big Knit

    Here’s an activity that could get your care home into the Guinness Book of Records if you’re residents are super motivated to knit and they really love knitting. Equipment needed Lots and lots of knitting wool Lots of knitting needles And of course, lots of volunteers Instructions Each of the participants will knit a square. […]

  • Activity name: Pride in the home: Flower arranging

    Residents can create floral displays for the entrance (for those with any experience in flower arranging this will be easier). Those who struggle can do posies for the dining table. This activity can grow with residents taking an interest in what colour schemes and which flowers to choose. Residents can even plant bulbs for the […]