Indoor Games Activities

  • Activity name: Cup Stacking Game

    Cup stacking is a great way to improve dexterity and hand eye co-ordination and makes a great individual or group challenge! The aim of the game is to make pyramids out of cups as quickly and neatly as you can while being timed. Equipment needed 9 paper/plastic cups in 3 piles of 3 Stopwatch Flat […]

  • Activity name: Supersize Crossword

    Using a photocopier enlarge a crossword out of a magazine or newspaper, general knowledge is best. Completing the crossword can be done in a large group with a flip chart or pinned to a wall, or you could give each person a copy of the enlarged crossword. Equipment needed Newspaper or magazine Pen Photocopier and […]

  • Activity name: Hobbies Describing Game

    This activity is a perfect group activity which can be enjoyed by all. Equipment needed Cards with either the name of a hobby on it or a picture of a hobby on. A Clock or stop watch. Instructions

  • Activity name: A Day at the Races

    Why not host a day at the Races? You can host your own race day in communal rooms taking it as seriously as you like. Some people may wish to recreate a proper ‘ladies day’ with hats, Bucks Fizz and a full race card. Others may simply use it as a fun activity for people […]

  • Activity name: Quoits (indoor or outdoor)

    Here’s another great excuse to get outside on sunny days. Quoits is a simple game that is best played outside but can be played indoors too. It helps exercise hand-eye co-ordination and gets everyone having fun. Equipment needed Quoits Set Pen and paper to record scores An optional prize for the winner Instructions Participants sit […]