Indoor Games Activities

  • Activity name: Name That Music!

    This is a game that involves using instruments at a basic level — however you may find it best if you have some experienced musicians playing. When choosing teams try to make it fair by including one resident with musical experience in each team, if possible. Equipment needed Musical instruments of sorts. A CD player. […]

  • Activity name: Gardeners Club Quiz

    This is a quiz for gardeners to partake in when the whether is not very nice and people want to stay indoors. This can be a good game for helping exercise memory. Equipment needed Gardening magazines for pictures to make up flower names — E.g. Snow drop, Blue bell, Orchid, Buttercup. Paper. Scissors. Instructions Cut […]

  • Activity name: The Olympics…

    It’s time for the grandest event in the history of your care home — The Olympics. Many events can be completed indoors but you’ll probably want to get outside for events like the Wellington Fling. Equipment needed Welly boots Flipchart with pad and marker pens to keep score Bean bags Skittles Target boards and floor […]

  • Activity name: Hoy Game

    Hoy is a bingo like game which can be played with a group from 2 to as many as you can fit in a room. Each player needs a hoy sheet and 9 counters to mark their cards on their sheet. The dealer will need a pack of cards. The idea of the game is […]

  • Activity name: Drawing Games

    These two games are fun and helpful for the more capable residents. Drawing Game 1 One person has a flip chart in front of them, while another holds an object and tells the person behind the flipchart how to draw it, without saying what the object is — “Draw a straight line from left to […]