Outdoor Games Activities

  • Activity name: Fun of the Fair

    The fun fair is in town but they’ve made a wrong turn and ended up in your care homes back garden! Luckily it’s a very small fun fair, but they’ve still got the attractions, the treats and the prizes. This activity is another great one for getting outside on pleasant summer days. Equipment needed Old […]

  • Activity name: Quoits (indoor or outdoor)

    Here’s another great excuse to get outside on sunny days. Quoits is a simple game that is best played outside but can be played indoors too. It helps exercise hand-eye co-ordination and gets everyone having fun. Equipment needed Quoits Set Pen and paper to record scores An optional prize for the winner Instructions Participants sit […]

  • Activity name: Garden Lawn Darts

    The days are getting warmer and everyone wants to get outside as much as possible to enjoy any sunshine they can get. Garden darts is a simple, safe activity for the elderly that can be enjoyed by the residents at your care home on the more pleasant days. Equipment needed Garden lawn darts Optional prizes […]

  • Activity name: The Olympics…

    It’s time for the grandest event in the history of your care home — The Olympics. Many events can be completed indoors but you’ll probably want to get outside for events like the Wellington Fling. Equipment needed Welly boots Flipchart with pad and marker pens to keep score Bean bags Skittles Target boards and floor […]