Conversation Boxes

These are a great tool for reminiscing, socialising and encouraging communication. We picked themes and then filled a shoe box with items associated with each theme.

The themes included toys, baking, gardening, sports, seaside, seasons and music. We put this into our activities programme and the results were extremely positive. All residents began chatting, even those who are normally a little shy in larger groups. It created a fun atmosphere and they soon came up with their own ideas to add to the boxes. When we opened up the toy box, one lady remarked that old fashioned spinning tops used to be worked with a string and another remembered that skipping was a group activity girls played. Among the contents of the seasons box were pine cones and fake holly.

Equipment needed

  • Shoe boxes
  • Items associated with your themes


  1. Pick several themes.
  2. Collect items associated with the themes.
  3. Put the items for each theme in a shoebox and label it.
  4. Get your groups together to look through each of the boxes and talk about their contents.

Thank you to Signature Loxley Park, Sheffield for this activity idea.

Download this activity sheet

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