Tea Dance

...while there's moonlight and music...

It’s a Friday night and it’s time to have some fun. Most people enjoy the odd cup of tea and piece of cake. And if possible they like to have a dance too. So why not have a tea dance?

Equipment needed


  1. Get the residents through to the dining room, if they want to participate.
  2. Play music — you could create a play list or compilation CD based on residents requests.
  3. Staff serve tea and cake.

You might also like to make a banner to go above the dining room door saying something like “Tea Dance Tonight”.

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  1. Monique Bahia says:

    I think this i a very good idea and may use this for my work experience
    Thank you!

  2. LaLa says:

    I Love all your I deals

  3. David Searle says:

    We have held a very successful tea dance at Age UK Horsham District, Lavinia House and to create the right atmosphere we purchased battery operated tea light candals to place on tables around the room. With secluded lighting the scene was set for a good afternoon dancing.

  4. Patricia Eyre says:

    We hold a tea dance once a fortnight and in addition to the usual tea and
    cake we often add in a chocolate fountain and use strawberries and marshmallows for dipping – this is INCREDIBLY popular. We are also
    building up a stock of laminated A4 vintage posters advertising concerts,
    dances, balls and blue tack those on a white board (serves no obviously
    useful purpose but it all adds to the feel) Tables are stripped (we use our
    dining room as it has a wooden floor) and decorate with large red hearts,
    roses and poundshop strings of pearls. At the moment the finishing touch is
    5 “shimmer” curtains hung over our own but I am looking out for a really cheap
    glitter ball to hang above the center of the room

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