Wear a Hat tell a Story

The idea of the game is that the wearer of the hat tells the story of where they would wearthis hat and what would they do. This often helps them to recall an old memory or fantasize about something they would like to do.

Equipment needed

  • A range of different kinds of hats, preferably a hat for each person taking part


  1. Let each person select a hat.
  2. Then the organiser can start by having their turn first. My name is….. and I am going to a wedding in my hat…. Then you can ask Where? Who with? What will you be doing? How? Etc
  3. Sometimes the prompts are not needed and the person will easily tell their story others will need a lot of help to tell a story.
  4. Don’t dwell too long on a person who has difficulty telling a story help them to make one up take their picture and praise them then pass to the next person.

This activity was posted by: mha Care Home “Ryelands” Wallington

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