Garden Lawn Darts

The dog agrees, the garden is a great place to be!

The days are getting warmer and everyone wants to get outside as much as possible to enjoy any sunshine they can get. Garden darts is a simple, safe activity for the elderly that can be enjoyed by the residents at your care home on the more pleasant days.

Equipment needed

  • Garden lawn darts
  • Optional prizes such as sweets
  • Trays and walking frames if residents need walking frames to aid standing
  • Outside seating
  • Score sheet and pen

Residents can stand to throw the darts or they can sit and darts can be brought to them. The darts are plastic tipped so they are safe to use.


  1. Place the rings on the grass at a suitable distance that all the players can reach with a throw. You could allow the players to each through a ring before beginning the game — similar to how French Boules is played.
  2. Allocate a score to each ring. For example the furthest ring might be 100 points, while the nearest might be 10.
  3. Each player takes turns to throw their darts.
  4. The winner may receive a prize.

If the residents at your care home really like this activity you could create a Summer Garden Darts League and have an ongoing league table.

Download this activity sheet

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